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Thursday, 20 July 2017

Member Blog: Language and spreading the good word

Language and spreading the good word

Twenty6 understands the challenges of successful business communication.
Talking about your own organisation is fine. But answering the questions that clients are really asking is even better.
At the same time, over-familiarity often leads companies to overlook some of their fundamental core strengths that give clients extra value.
Our combined three strand approach is very effective in explaining the benefits of complex technical ideas and concepts.

     1 - What we would like to say to you – please listen!
Offers must be explained clearly. However, focusing solely on what you want to sell can be a trap. Competitor claims may be similar. Customers have heard most things before. You risk talking to yourself.
     2 - What clients want to hear - your problem is our problem
This is immediately more interesting. Customers want solutions for their problems … plus innovations that help them to meet their own customers’ expectations.
    3 - Hidden benefits – an extra cutting-edge
Most companies offer more client benefits than they realise. These are often hard to see when working too close to the trees. An experienced outsider can help.

Showing thought-leadership
So how can ground-breaking thoughts and ideas best be shared?
These days, we are spoilt for multi-media choice, with apps, interactive graphics, data tools, informatics, animations, and advanced sound-tracks at our disposal.
But we also have words, an incredible mental shorthand connected to the cinema of the mind that is ideal for sharing unique thought-leadership ideas.
Words are amazing things. With no more than sounds formed in the throat, or characters jotted on a sheet of paper – or screen – we use them to describe profound concepts as part of daily life.
For example, words allow us to explain the secrets of sub-atomic particles, an ever-expanding universe, tender emotions, art, and the horrors of conflict … often in just seconds.

The twenty-six letters of the alphabet at work
The unique flexibility of words makes an excellent business and technical communication tool.
Twenty6 text content was central in a global energy company success in seeing its technical articles published by the international oil & gas media.
Our communications brought 800 very different SMEs together in a powerful IT sector cluster group.
We are also helping an innovative UK engineering company to show how it cuts the costs and the carbon footprint of Britain’s expanding North Sea offshore wind energy industry.

Getting started
The starting point is usually a simple chat between two or three people. We ask questions. We also listen very carefully.

Jon Herbert, Editorial Director, Twenty6
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