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Monday, 4 July 2016

Member Blog: Sport and exercise brings people together

Here, Brendan Fox, Head of Commercial at multi-sport and active holiday tour operator Sports Tours International gives us his top tips on how to promote healthier minds and lifestyles at work.

  1. Having a water cooler and keeping cupboards stocked with fruit and healthy snacks will help to promote a healthy diet in the office.
  2.  Organise exercise classes on site for employees to attend.
  3.  Enter a company team into a public run. This builds relationships within the workplace, encourages employees to get fitter and is a great way to fundraise for charity.
  4. Sports Tours International hosts a series of 10k runs across the North West such as:  UKFast ‘We Love Mcr 10k’, the UKFast City of Salford 10k and the Matalan Merseyside 10k. There is also the opportunity to compete in the ‘corporate challenge’ and take a trophy back to the office!
  5.  Use match funding incentives, such as matching the fundraising efforts of employees. This is a great way of encouraging staff and giving something back to the community.
  6.  Create an internal corporate challenge. Like a school sports day but for employees! These social events help people bond with others on the team who they perhaps wouldn’t normally interact with on a daily basis and builds a better sense of community within your organisation.
  7. Conduct a survey on what employees value as healthy wellbeing at work. By getting a response off employees, it helps to get a better understanding of the people you work with.
  8. The cycle to work scheme is becoming more popular and is also environmentally friendly. It also serves as a catalyst for taking part in cycling events.
  9. Create a physical toolkit. Outlining a plan for employees on suggesting how to get fitter from how to get to work to making use of your lunch break reflects positively on the company’s image.

Experts at Sports Tours International are available to visit companies and create employee fitness schemes.

For more details please contact us on +44 161 703 8161 or email