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Thursday, 4 February 2016

Member Blog: 5 Steps to Sound Sleep

By Helena Grzesk, Spa Director at the award winning Spa at The Midland

Did you know that six in ten people do not get enough sleep? We can be considered deprived of sleep by missing just thirty minutes of shut eye! As well as slowing down your metabolism, a bad night’s sleep can have a severe effect on your mood. In fact, the feeling of depression is increased by 14% for every hour you miss.

Sleep is an incredibly important process the body must go through, and the perfect amount of sleep for most people varies between six to nine hours.

Many exterior factors such as stress and anxiety can take their toll on your sleep, making you irritable, restless and have an overall feeling of fatigue. Here are my tops tips on how to catch those zzzzs and have a restful and fulfilling sleep:

1. A Lavender Essential Oil Bath: Lavender is a powerful essential oil that induces relaxation. It has long been used as part of spa treatment menus to relax the mind and the body. Adding a relaxing bath into your bedtime ritual will immediately help you to unwind and give you some well-deserved me-time.

2. Consistent Routine: As humans we are programmed to follow a lifestyle routine. Sticking to a consistent time you wake up and go to sleep every day will set your body’s internal body clock. Once our body clocks are set you will see an immediate improvement in the quality of your sleep

3. Smart Snacking: Don’t ditch your midnight snacks. Snacking on foods that are rich in an amino acid called Tryptophan is known to promote restful sleep. Tryptophan can be found in foods such as bananas and granola.

4. Digital Detox: Avoid watching TV and working on your laptop or phone within two hours of your bedtime. The bright screens of our electronic gadgets disrupts our body’s rhythm which reduces our quality of sleep. Try reading a book before you sleep. If your digital gadgets can’t be avoided then turn down the brightness of the screen.

5. Become a Yogi: Yoga has long been used as a method to relax the mind and body and promote an overall feeling of wellness. Incorporating yoga stretches such as the child’s pose or downward facing dog into your pre-bedtime routine will immediately slow the heart and rebalance the mind before your head hits the pillow.

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