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Thursday, 10 September 2015

Member Blog: Export Management Solutions - What Features are Essential?

By Marine Matringe - Marketing Manager, Kailao Consulting
A company wishing to expand its activities by exporting will face some constraints that have to be taken into account to ensure good management of the business. Some specific features, in order to manage the export, need to be interfaced or integrated to the current business management system set up within the organisation, whether the export activity will use a distributor agent, a wholesaler, or even the development of a subsidiary to ensure the distribution in different countries.

An adapted documentary production: A business management solution, such as an ERP, has to be quick and efficient when producing adapted documentary essential for exports. These documents can be certificates necessary to export in some countries, or documentary credits, to facilitate administrative duties and formalities that businesses will face. All documents produced need to be coherent, especially for products that are likely to change all along their life cycle. For example: food products, where the weight can sometimes change.

Transport management: The management of transport is particularly important when undertaking export activities. Whether the transport and delivery of goods will be made using trucks or container charters, the management system used has to perform in order to maximise the transport of goods. The management solution has also to take into account the incoterm which will be used, as to who between the seller and the buyer will take over the expedition.

EDI: The EDI, or Electronic Data Interchange offers two distinct entities, such as a company and its supplier or a company and its distributor, to automatically exchange information using computerised channels. The goal is to facilitate the transmission of information between the different commercial partners, to reduce the risk of errors due to manual entries. EDI is a common feature within companies, but, when the purpose is to sell abroad, companies will need to face some adaptations. Indeed, each country or group of countries has different EDI standards, and there are even some EDI standards dedicated to one specific industry (ex: The GALIA Standard for the automotive industry in France, or ANSI X12 Standard for the United States).

Export accounting: Each country has some specifics regarding the accounting that have to be respected by companies. To consider these differences, the business management system has to adapt itself to the specifics of each country's account entries, and be able to manage multi-currency and multi legislation problems. For example, in France, the accounting system is widely influenced by the taxation, whereas this is not the case in England.

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