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Friday, 28 August 2015

Member Blog: Do workplace wellness programmes increase productivity and a company's profit margin?

By Andy Gardner, Director - Karen Andrew Partnership Ltd

The question of workplace wellness is one that seems to be very much flavour of the month in the media at the moment. Like many company owners, it is also one that we at Karen Andrew Partnership Ltd feel is of particular importance. If it doesn't positively benefit a company why would they do it?

So here is what we know:

The cost of absence averages at £609 per person with the public sector costing £914 per person per year [CIPD 2014]

Companies with workplace wellness programmes experience an 8% increase in productivity [2005 National Business Group On Health Report]

Healthy weight people take fewer days off. A healthy weight male misses three days of work due to illness per year, An overweight/obese male misses about five, therefore someone working 237 days a year will be more productive than someone working 235 [Centre for Disease Control & Prevention, USA]

Musculoskeletal complaints result in 31 million absence days per year, stress and anxiety result in 15 million [ONS 2013]

If this can be addressed then those savings will directly benefit the company in turn benefitting the employee, who then feels more valued. And so it goes on.

Many workers don’t directly generate income, it is a combined effort often involving different members of different teams working towards a common goal.

Neil Carberry of the CBI has acknowledged the importance of wellbeing programmes.

The key to getting the most from them is to offer support that, well, supports them. If a person has less time off due to ill health, they will contribute to the company mission much more effectively.

The benefits of workplace wellness programmes for employers are obvious. They provide the company with strategic advantages by investing money in a programme that will bring them lowered expenses in return, often in the form of better performing workers, and lower absenteeism and care costs.

Employees are the most valuable assets to any company. By providing workers with these services, companies are improving wellbeing and job satisfaction, as well as raising retention rates. The welfare of employees has a direct impact on the success of the company. This is even more important given that many employees work in teams. The team that trains together stays together. The costs of implementing a programme is more than recouped by savings on productivity [ Black & Frost survey recommendation, 2014]

A new concept from The Karen Andrew Partnership Ltd involves an interactive health kiosk being supplied to your work premises, along with a support package bespoke to your business requirements and needs.

We are holding a free launch event for both Chamber members and non-members to showcase the interactive health kiosk and how the support benefits your company. ’Wellness Wednesday’ will take place at Elliot House, 151 Deansgate, Manchester, M3 3WD on 16th September 2015 from 4pm until 6pm.

The event will include a chance to network with a glass of wine, and the opportunity to experience all the benefits of the health kiosk, with live demonstrations and presentations.

To confirm your attendance, email, or call 07860 223334.

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