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Friday, 19 June 2015

Member Blog: Why businesses need a Cloud based POS system

Kailao Consulting's vision for the future of point of sale - By Marine Matringe, Marketing Manager at Kailao Consulting

Point of sale (POS) solutions are essential for proper operations and management of businesses in the retail and hospitality sectors.

A point of sale available everywhere:

Point of sale systems based in the cloud have the advantage of being accessible wherever you are, simply by logging on to the Internet portal by using a mobile device with an Internet connection. A company can then start cashing in just a few minutes.

An optimised customer experience:

Cloud based POS systems offer interactive assistance to customers. Using a tablet, the seller can instantly check a product’s stock on their point of sale, as well as in other stores. Direct access to the product portfolio enables the seller to easily answer customers’ requests. Cross-selling opportunities also increase, thanks to real time suggestions provided by a Cloud based POS system.

Simplified management:

A cloud based point of sale offers real time, 24-hour access to a company’s data and analytical tools, allowing the company to anticipate future actions required, such as replenishment of stock.

A reduced investment:

Classic point of sale systems require the purchase of a license which can be expensive for businesses. On top of that, companies have to pay for the annual maintenance and upgrades.

Cloud solutions work on an annual or monthly fee basis, which can be cancelled at any time.

Risk reduction:

The risk of credit card fraud is an important issue for businesses. The use of a Cloud based POS system reduces that risk. Major credit card companies are expected to guarantee purchases made with stolen cards, and this includes companies with a cloud based point of sale.

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