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Friday, 12 June 2015

Member Blog - Reasons to Leap Forward

By Christoph Spiessens - Christoph Spiessens Coaching Solutions

My book, Life of a Lifetime, seems secretly popular among senior managers who are keen to restore work-life balance and find that certain "missing piece" they lost while being so busy building their careers. Here is a snippet from my book, chapter 8:

One day when I was a child, I noticed what looked like a postcard that had fallen out of my mother’s diary. It was a motivational card with a picture of a frog on it. The frog was sitting on a lily pad drifting in a pond, looking at another lily pad and wondering whether it would be able to leap to the other pad without falling in the water. This was many years ago, and I can still remember the powerful effect the image on the postcard had on me. Even more powerful was the motivational quote written at the bottom of the card – “Go ahead. You can do it!

Now, I wouldn’t want to compare you to a frog! But are you sitting there, looking at the next lily pad in your life? Do you want to leap ahead but are contemplating if you should? Do you wonder if it’s safe for you to leap? If you will make it? Whether it’s the right pad? Or if maybe you should try leaping on another one – maybe one that’s a bit closer? I can give you eight good reasons why you can leap forward!

Look, even if the frog ends up in the water, it will survive. That’s for sure. And so will you. That’s also for sure. However, I don’t want falling into the water to even be an option for you. You're reading this because you feel intrigued by what it has to offer. And I believe that means you are ready to bring about some kind of change in your life. Am I right?

That change can be a large project or perhaps a dream you want to realise, such as setting up a business or training to run a marathon. But it can also be a very personal aspiration, such as becoming more confident and self-assured. Or perhaps you want to develop your innate skills and talents further or achieve certain professional goals. All types of change are grand in their own unique way. And all types of change are within leaping reach in your pond of life. When you decide you want to bring about change in your life, you are deciding to embark on a journey. A fascinating journey filled with both hesitation and excitement. A journey to the next phase of your life. Whatever the change you aim for, the journey will lead you to a place where you’ll discover many new things and accelerate your personal and spiritual growth. But the only way to discover what the next phase in your life holds for you is to leap toward that next lily pad in your pond. And I want to give you extra motivation to do so. Here’s why I believe you can leap forward. Here are the reasons why I say to you, “Leap ahead! You can do it!”

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