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Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Member Blog - Return On Investment: Still alive and well in events!

By Barry McTierney – Right Events

Events have played a key role in communications strategies, both internal and external, across virtually every facet of industry. Whether it be an exhibition, client focused incentive or a company sales conference; events have still delivered significant return on investment – when done right…

This seems fairly obvious, but the ROI associated with events has come under considerable scrutiny in recent years with the value of events to organisations being questioned. But the ability to generate revenue and engage staff and clients still lies at the heart of good communication and a well-developed event strategy can deliver results that are, not just tangible, but also rarely achievable through any other medium.

The principle concerns when considering your event ROI should not just centre on the cost of the events themselves, however, yes; events can come with a significant price tag, but the mistake is to assume that a high spend will achieve the results you require. With this in mind it is invaluable to consider the core message you wish to communicate and the goals you expect to achieve from running your events.

The mistake is to consider the event “delivery” without actually understanding what it is you want from the event itself. When you can outsource the delivery, take the time to consider what YOU as an organisation want achieve from your events. What is the goal, what do you want to communicate and what do you, inevitably want to achieve.

It is this consideration that should be taken into every company events strategy; whether it be an outward-facing client event or your staff Christmas party. The content, the image, the feel and outcome are important; not how much you spend (no matter how little), or how many meetings you had to get there.

Making your events pay for you and your organisation relies on a number of delivery methods as well as understanding and managing your expectations.

Events really can be the way forward for your communication needs but make sure you do them Right and with the Right people.

Barry McTierney
Right Events Ltd
t:  +44 (0) 7739 002 958

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