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Friday, 7 November 2014

Member Blog: Taxes - Darryl Deehan of Tax Dectective Feels Your Pain

By Darryl Deehan of Tax Dectective

Taxes - Hands up who likes dealing with them?

For those who haven’t put their hand up I feel your pain.

Now hands up who has someone to deal with them for you?

Ah, many more hands raised, but imagine if you didn’t have someone to do that for you.  That is the situation that your employees are most likely to be in.

I know this because that is the position where I found myself. I just wanted to have the simple facts on how to make sure I was doing the right thing and not leaving myself short. The information does all seem to be there. Trying to decipher it without being driven to mash your keyboard with your palms or rip your hair out in frustration is another matter.

It’s a system that doesn’t seem to have many people to turn to for answers. Fewer that won’t charge you the earth just to find out what you really are entitled to.

So it was time to get the sleeves rolled up. The huge amount of information available was trawled through; dates, allowances, benefits, definitions until, after many many pots of coffee and sleepless nights, a clear and straightforward understanding was laid out.

Then came the labour intensive yet rewarding task of gathering the correct people around me to both share in the vision of top class customer service and deliver a knowledgeable yet simple to understand product to those in need of a guiding hand.

And so The Tax Detective was born and we strive to be different.

The benefits of our service are threefold:

• We deal with HMRC to update your current year tax code with all expenses due for this year to provide a refund through your next wage.
• We work to gain you a refund for previous tax years
• We help you pay less tax in the future.

Research shows that the majority of employees do not know that they are entitled to tax relief for many of things that seem to be part of the job. Things such as using their own vehicle for business travel, cleaning their work uniform,  for costs that they incur for tools required for their employment or for fees that they need to pay for organisations they subscribe to in order to do their job.

It is complicated, there is no denying that but these are tax relief and refunds due to them by HMRC, not by the business and they can be gained at no cost to the company.

We are an organisation that does not leave the employee nor the employer with less money than they started with. We pay all costs needed to perform a tax code review and attempt to get money back for previous years only receiving any sort of payment if we can seek out a refund for the customer.

For the employer this is a no risk situation. Get in touch with us and we will let you know what we think we can get for your staff. We are up front and honest. If it is unlikely we can get anything for your staff we will let you know but if we can, again, there is no cost to you and there will be no cost to them but you can be the one that promotes a bonus to them without costing you a penny!

At your request, we are available to visit your business and speak to you and your staff in order to answer any questions that you, may have at a time that is convenient to yourselves.

Get in touch now with no obligation at The friendly face of taxes. That’s right, there is one!

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