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Friday, 28 November 2014

Friday Guest Blog: Are You Losing Out on Sales Because You Fail to Gain Face to Face Meetings with Decision Makers?

Kevin Charlton, Telephone Coaching Expert 

You may have the best products or services in the world but if you can’t get to tell your story to key decision makers you will never maximise your potential.

Many businesses suffer in this way and I was no different; working in sales for others or running my own company, the challenge was always gaining that all important meeting to present and, sell.

You and I are more comfortable dealing with people in person; the telephone creates a different set of obstacles, not least because 82% of communication over the telephone is attributed to voice quality and you have less than 7 seconds to get the listener to warm to you.

How often have you prepared for your call, only to fumble the first few lines or be thrown off course with the first negative response you receive? You never get a second chance to make a first impression...and you’ve just blown it! Don’t worry, you are not alone and there is a system you can follow that will guarantee much greater results.

I’ve worked as a sales trainer for almost 20 years and without doubt, making effective outbound calls remains one of the most sought after skills that I’m asked to address. Normally my work is on a consultancy basis and I have helped my clients make over 13,000 meetings with decision makers.

Now however, I’ve created a new programme called FACE TO FACE where I can deliver the same results to a different audience in a one day seminar. This enables companies to train key personnel in one day, to gain the skills they require to massively increase their telephone success.

There is a SYSTEM to follow that can be adapted for any style of call and delegates will discover:

  • There are only 6 possible responses to any call
  • The 5 key steps you need to address to gain more meetings
  • A simple objection handling technique to put them in control of the call
  • Why people respond in the way they do and how to win them over

I’m passionate about helping people improve results from the telephone and running this style of event means I can help more people, more often.

So if you are in business for yourself; part of a sales team; in customer services; operating a call centre or just wanting to improve your telephone skills this could be an invaluable investment in your future.

The next event will be scheduled in Manchester and for members of the Chamber there is a discounted price for the day from £197 to £97 and if you want to invite additional colleagues, subsequent tickets will ONLY cost £49  (I even throw in tea & coffee!)

For more information and a FREE audio download visit: or give me a call on: 07866 469194.

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