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Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Export Expert: Know Your Export Documents

The Chamber’s Export Documentation Department is the leading provider of Export Documentation
Services to companies in Greater Manchester.

We issue over 35,000 documents per year to exporters within the city region. In Greater Manchester, Export Documentation services are accessible at our office in the city centre and at our base at The World Freight Terminal at Manchester Airport. We can provide advice on worldwide export documentation requirements and trade regulations, plus a range of specialised ICC publications on international trade.

It is important to remember that different countries have different documentation requirements. If you are ever unsure of what Export Documents you need then feel free to contact our Export Documentation Team at

Here is an overview of documents available here at Greater Manchester Chamber -
  • Certificates of Origin are used as documentary evidence to show where goods being exported from the United Kingdom were originally manufactured. They can be required for different reasons, such as customs clearance or payment via Letter of Credit.
  • ATR/EUR 1 certificates establish the customs duty status of goods that qualify for preference when goods are exported to countries that have preferential trade arrangements with the EU.
  • ATA Carnets facilitate the temporary exportation of goods for up to 12 months; acting as a ‘passport’ presented at each customs post, this enables the temporary exportation of goods without having to lodge duties on deposit with overseas customs. They are recognised in 45 countries world-wide
  • International Import Certificates facilitate the issue of export licences for ‘controlled’ goods imported into the United Kingdom.
As a member you can benefit from discounts of up to 50% on some of these documents. To speak with a Membership Executive about our International Trade Services and other Member Benefits contact our team on 0161 393 4321.

Exporters – ‘Save Time and Go Online’

e-z Cert is a service offered by Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce which enables exporters to obtain certified export documents online.

The e-z Cert service has been operating successfully for over 10 years and is now processing over 50% of all UK Certificates of Origin.

About e-z Cert

e-z Cert can be used to obtain European Community & Arab British Certificates of Origin, EUR1 and A.TR documents.

The e-z Cert system has 2 submission options -

Express Applications are approved by the Chamber online within hours of submission. This enables the exporter to print certified/validated documents at their own premises.

Standard Applications can be applied for which the Chamber will then print. These can either be posted out to you or collected if you wish.

e-z Cert can also be used to certify other commercial documents such as commercial invoices and packing lists. It is approved by the British Chambers of Commerce as being compliant with regulations and data security requirements.

To apply electronically for your documents register at  or simply contact the Export Documentation Team in Manchester City Centre on 0161 393 4313 or at Manchester Airport on 0161 489 3170

Save time, save money, start working with e-z Cert.

Focus on Export Training

The world of International Trade can seem a little daunting at times as there are lots of important aspects that you need to consider. Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce continues to look at ways in which we can help businesses get a more detailed understanding of exporting and what’s involved. As such we have put together the following training courses -

•Export Documentation

• Incoterms

• Letters of Credit & International Payments

• ez Cert – Electronic Certification

• International Trade in a Day

Not what you are looking for? Don’t worry, we welcome all feedback and are able to put together tailored packages of training specific to your business needs; we can even undertake the training at your premises in some instances. To discuss this more detail or to express your interest in the above mentioned courses please contact

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