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Friday, 10 October 2014

Friday Guest Blog: Medical Specialists Pharmacy enters the online jungle of Amazon!

By Brandon Wilkinson - Medical Specialists Pharmacy

Medical Specialists® Pharmacy are delighted to announce they are joining forces with international e-commerce colossus Amazon, by far one of the most successful internet retailers to ever be involved in the buying and selling of products, boasting an almost unparalleled capability of reaching millions of potential buyers.

Some might say the move to Amazon has been long overdue for a pharmacy giant such as Medical Specialists®, particularly after being pioneers themselves in expanding to an ever-growing customer base that are now choosing the internet as their preferred means of purchasing over-the-counter pharmacy products.

After all, it is convenient and hassle-free to buy online and have products delivered to your doorstep, saving any possible embarrassment of actually walking into your local pharmacy and asking for products to treat conditions like halitosis (bad breath), irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), and many more troublesome health issues.

Medical Specialists® already have an impressive history spanning almost three decades, with its origins in private clinics in the late 1980s, at the time being one of the leaders in the move to computerisation for patients and medication.

However, the company has always looked for ways to way to increase its accessibility and efficacy for patients and by 2001, Medical Specialists Company Ltd (as they were then known), became the first legal online clinic in the UK supplying a range of medication via online consultation – to be quickly and poorly imitated as other clinics soon copied their ideas.

This expansion was far from over though and in 2011 Medical Specialists® grew even further to become a fully-registered online pharmacy, becoming the first ‘One Stop Pharmacy and Doctors’ in the UK. Part of this evolution meant that Medical Specialists® could dispense NHS prescriptions, with GP’s able to use the rapid Electronic Prescription Service (EPS), an easy and convenient way for patients to receive medicines, being sent by post to their home, place of work or any other suitable address.

The move to EPS as the name states, meant Medical Specialists® could provide an electronic/paperless, supremely fast and efficient way of dispensing and shipping prescription medication, negating the need for patients to even leave their house and have to go out of their way to get to a pharmacy for their medicines.
At the same time, Medical Specialists® also decided to boost their chemist shop – a side of the business that now incorporates an impressively huge range of over-the-counter non-prescription products, i.e. these items can just be quickly purchased outright without the requirement of an online consultation or private prescription from the customer’s own GP.

So why the move to Amazon now after all this time? Well, Medical Specialists® cater to tens of thousands of patients from around the world, but Amazon has an estimated 130 million customers globally. This is more than double the UK’s population! Information released by shows Amazon having an incredible 16 million visitors from the UK for May 2014 – the most visited online retailer and having more views than eBay, Tesco, Argos and Asda, the other online retailers that make up the top 5.

Therefore, it is safe to say if you are a business that wants to get its products listed and out there, Amazon is the way to go. All businesses simply need to do is decide on a fixed price, note the condition, and the listing will be live within about 15 minutes – a less complex and time consuming procedure than many other ecommerce and auction websites.

Medical Specialists’® Amazon page already has several products listed but the company will be looking to add much, much more in the coming months to further boost brand awareness – a key component of any major successful pharmacy or business. Or alternatively, there is always the Medical Specialists® website for a more extensive over-the-counter product range for health issues such as hay fever and allergies, holiday and travel, sexual health, and more.

It is now 13 years and counting that Medical Specialists® have been at the forefront of sexual health, trying to break down the taboos and worries that many people used to have about seeking help. In this time, Medical Specialists® have had thousands of patients coming forward to request treatment from them for sexual dysfunction problems, and they are confident the move to Amazon will enable their chemist shop over-the-counter product range to similarly flourish.

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