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Friday, 5 September 2014

Friday Guest Blog - Business Success: The Right People in the Right Places

By Andrew White – Director, Dream Move Relocation

In an age where technological advances are readily affordable to many businesses, employee attraction and retention is even more critical to business success.

Business success is largely dependent on attracting the right people to the right posts and ensuring employee retention once achieved.  To ensure this, businesses need to be creative in both their employee recruitment and retention strategies.

Whilst recruitment can be difficult, it is often employee retention which proves more difficult. The first three months of employment are critical for both the employee and employer, especially in cases where the employee has to relocate.

Employers should be thinking of creative ways to attract and retain the talent required to ensure the business succeeds. Options such as a variation of relocation packages and comprehensive inductions into the business are just a few elements that need to be considered. For those employees who do have to relocate, the relocation package offered by their employer is often a deciding factor in their eventual decision.

As each employee has different needs and circumstances, there are a multitude of elements for employers to consider. From suitable accommodation, transport arrangements and spousal support, each employee relocation has to be tailored to their respective needs.

Whereas some employees may prefer city centre living others may wish to live in the country. Meeting these relocation demands is often difficult for in house HR teams and outsourcing to relocation professionals can have huge benefits.  Just some of the benefits of outsourcing employee relocation are reduced housing costs, improved operational efficiencies and local expertise. In many cases, HR teams struggle to offer this due to their office location and the stressful demands of having a range of other HR responsibilities.

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