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Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Member Blog: Does coaching really get results? The simple answer is YES!

By Sarah Barrett – Director and Founder, World of Business Change Ltd

CFO asks CEO: “What happens if you invest in developing our people and they leave us?”

CEO: “What happens if we don’t and they stay?”

Training is a hot topic for businesses especially SMEs who are often facing the challenges of growth, competition, cash conversion whilst at the same time wanting to retain and attract talented employees.

Too often businesses spend money on ‘off the shelf’ training courses and find they are great at fine tuning individual employee’s skills but have very little impact on the wider business. Therefore the return on investment is limited.

It was Bill Gates who said “everyone needs a coach”
Coaching is a different way of developing individuals to be the very best they can be. In return they go on to be better role models and leaders in the business, they themselves create highly performing teams through a coaching culture and positively impact the success of the business.
Coaching is a way of really optimising spend on training to have the greatest impact on the workforce and the business therefore delivering scalable return on investment.

How does executive coaching work?

Coaching is very personal to the individual concerned and our programmes are always tailored accordingly, however here are some answers to some frequently asked questions about how coaching tends to be structured:

Is coaching always on an individual basis?

No, coaching can take place as a team to really galvanise effectiveness and tackle challenges. Executive 1:1 coaching is obviously a very personal thing and so would always be carried out on an individual basis but in a corporate setting, team coaching may be suitable and we can always advise on this. Team coaching programmes are structured around team requirements.

How long are coaching sessions?

To a great degree, sessions vary in duration to suit the need and the individual’s schedule.

How structured is each individual session?

Whilst the coaching journey is organic, each session is focused on working to achieve desired outcomes. Typically, we may focus on self-awareness to begin with, then look at making sense of it all, and then how to take ownership of change with confidence.

Where is coaching carried out?

Sessions can take place in the workplace, but it’s often better to get a change of scene with no interruption or distraction, that’s why we like to conduct our sessions in relaxing venues.

How many coaching sessions are required?

Usually 4 – 6 sessions are enough for individuals to see and feel a positive difference and for the impact to be noticed by others. Some people like to have an ongoing coaching relationship to draw upon as and when they require.

What results can be expected?

Coaching sessions are tailored around specific desired outcomes which will vary from individual to individual but typically, coaching can be expected to help improve work performance, business management, time management, team effectiveness, self-confidence, work relationships, communication skills and work-life balance.

Is coaching confidential?

All sessions are completely confidential and are performed under a coaching contract.

World of Business Change is offering a 20% discount on Executive Coaching sessions for all members of Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce.

To find out more email, or contact the team through the 'contact us' form on the website or call Sarah on 07958 903 925.

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