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Monday, 21 July 2014

Member Blog: A First Look at Twitter Analytics

By Tom Linn - Project Manager, Thomas Cole Internet Solutions

You may or may not be aware that Twitter has opened up analytics for all users. If you have not seen them yet go to and sign in with your Twitter username and password.

Firstly you will notice a stream of your tweet activity from the last 28days. Here you have a list of all your tweets and conversations you have taken part in. You can see an overview of impressions, engagements and your engagement rate. Engagements are interactions with your post or profile and you can dig down deeper into these by clicking on a post to see the key metrics. Under key metrics you can see how many impressions a post has had, user profile clicks, replies, retweets, favourites, etc.

This information is very useful and gives you a good idea of what posts or comments you made got the most interaction. It also helps you to see which #hashtags work well for your industry.

From the top menu you can click a follower's link which takes you to information about your followers. You see straight away a graph showing the rise/fall of followers over time. What is even more interesting about this section is the information it gives on the different followers from their interests, locations and even gender. Knowing this information is a great way of getting to know your audience and helping you mould your tweets to specific interests.

Next along the top is Twitter Cards. Under this section you can see snapshots of how well your account is doing overall. If you have a website related to the Twitter account you can link these up and get stats on how many click-throughs you have had from Twitter to different pages on your website. You can measure which Twitter Cards are working for you. If you are not sure what a Twitter Card is, it is a way of showing information from your website when someone copies a link from your site and posts it to Twitter. More info can be found here on these.

Overall from my first look over I certainly see the benefit of Twitter Analytics in enabling you to improve your tweets for your audience and also allowing you to see what works in terms of your Twitter strategy. And like anything the stats will only get better and more useful as Twitter improves them.

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