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Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Member Blog: The Art of a Good CV

By Tom Linn - Project Manager, Thomas Cole Internet Solutions

During my time as project manager I have had to spend time when hiring employees
looking over multiple CVs sent in applying for various roles we have had advertised.

One thing that has always surprised me is the quality of some of the CVs that come in. I thought I would put together a checklist of tips and things to avoid when sending in your CV for a job application.

Things to avoid:

- Mis-spellings and grammatical errors
- No examples of work (if possible to provide)
- Irrelevant content at the top - get to the point, if you are applying for a job as a designer put your design experience at the top and examples of work along with any qualifications.
- A lengthy CV - don’t make it five pages long sometimes too much information can go against you so condense where possible by removing none relevant information.
- An unprofessional email address - keep it professional! Not something like
- Sending the same CV to multiple jobs without tweaking to fit the job spec.

Tips for a good CV:

- A well set out page so it is easily readable.
- A bit of colour where relevant can sometimes help to break up the text
- Add relevant experience at the top
- Add your contact details
- Send examples of work (if applicable)
- Get somebody else to read over it and give their opinion
- Write a covering letter
- Add on any additional training you’ve undertaken
- Keep it up to date

You would be surprised by how following these simple steps you could find yourself at the top of the pile.

On a recent job I advertised, only 4-5 of the 40 applications matched the above and naturally they were all offered interviews.

Thanks for reading.

Tom Linn - Project Manager
Thomas Cole Internet Solutions
Twitter: @tomlinnuk


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