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Monday, 10 March 2014

Guest Blog: Is Content Still King?

By Hakeem Adebiyi - Director, Hands Associates

This is a regular question posed in Internet marketing circles and with Google changing algorithms every other month is content still important?

Well it depends what you mean by content as not all content is equal. If you have good quality content then it can still make a huge difference to your results on the internet.

Bing, Google and other search engines want quality content and lots of it.

Therefore they continue to genuinely clamp down on internet sites with thin or none existent content and slide them out of the rankings

It's simple really.

They want their users, which means that anyone making use of their search function, including you, to find out the information/product or service they're looking for.

Think about when you look for something on the internet.

Would you like to visit a poor two-page internet site with practically nothing on it but affiliate marketer/sales links, OR would you prefer useful, high quality information relevant to what you were searching for?

Therefore, if there are links on the page, you do not mind because the website benefited you so the links could too, right?

So you need to be sure you've got good quality, original content on your own site. We're not just talking about a few lines, there needs to be lots of well-crafted relevant information that will benefit people in your niche or business area.

Make sure you mix up the content by using:
  • News
  • Pictures
  • Videos
  • Tips
  • Reports
When you spend just a little time making sure everything you post is high quality, suitable and useful, you'll get huge advantages later as the search engines will reward you with better rankings.

And don't forget, when you post great content on a regular basis, your visitors are much more likely to come back for more. If they are on your site then they aren't on your competitors'. If they like what you have to say then they are more likely to trust you and hence more likely to buy what you are selling.

In summary it's simple, Google always has and in all likelihood will continue to rank sites which has content that visitors love, so keep it simple and give Google what it wants. Content remains king!

Now I know some people don't like writing articles or just don't know where to start, if you need a helping hand feel free to contact me on

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