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Monday, 17 March 2014

Guest Blog: How to get workplace pensions-ready in just 10 minutes

By Peter Abraham, Managing Director, HR4UK

Auto enrolment is looming on the horizon for employers. But despite that, the latest research shows that many of them are still woefully underprepared. The majority of employers are also unaware of the importance of preparing early for the changes. The whole process begins with the daunting task of reading through and putting into place the guidance from the Pension Regulator and the pension provider of their choice.

It is anticipated that The National Employment Savings Trust (NEST) will be the preferred option for the majority of SMEs as they are the only provider that has to accept all applicants by law. But this means that business-owners will then have to read NEST’s simple guidance booklet - which stretches to some 64 pages!

At HR4UK we’ve developed a quicker way for businesses to get up to date, transforming the lengthy guidance information into a practical step by step report, via a 10 minute survey!  We’ve taken the 64 page NEST booklet - and its 13 flow charts - and turned it into a short, simple report that outlines what they need to do and when, plus draft letters for employees. The report is designed to remove all the worry around not complying with the new regulations and being fined, or worse still, being subject to an Employment Tribunal claim.

To access the report and the draft letters, all business-owners need to do is complete a simple 10 minute survey. The report would usually cost £85 plus VAT, but is currently available for free. Click here to go to the survey now. On completion, you will receive a report and draft letters to help you prepare for auto-enrolment, at no cost to your business.

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