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Thursday, 28 November 2013

Guest Blog: Google Changes Again!

By Andy Chemney, Managing Director of Ignition CBS Ltd

Google introduced a major new update a few weeks ago that will affect 9 out of 10 searches. This update makes it easier for Google to understand what you meant when you did a search. For example, if you Google “Taj Mahal”, did you mean to search for the monument in India or the curry house down the road?

To make sure the content on your website is optimised for this new update, here are a few tips:

1. Make it easier for people to share your content: embed social media facilities into your content.

2. Use analytical tools: to gain insight as to how effective your content is. Adding an on-site search tool will help.

3. Content can be more than just your blog: think about video, images, ebooks, etc, to spread your message.

4. Language is key: this new update is partly geared to mobile and voice search, so think about using the alternative words and phrases that someone may use as well as how you structure sentences.

5. Match your content to customer needs: ask yourself why customers want or need your product or service and then create the content that supports their motivation.

6. Be clear about what you do and who you are: don’t leave customers guessing about what you do, be crystal clear about your brand and its values.

7. Make sure your content supports sales objectives: relevance is key.

About Ignition CBS
Ignition CBS is a full service marketing, design and web agency. MD, Andy Chemney, regularly shares his knowledge and tips at free seminars around the region.

Andy’s next seminar will be held in Manchester on Wednesday 22nd January 2013. It will be entitled “Reshaping the Web for a Mobile Future”, and will focus on various aspects of internet marketing, website design and SEO. For details or to book your free place, visit or call 01706 222456.

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