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Friday, 25 October 2013

Friday Guest Blog: Investing in Youth – Three Reasons to Hire a Graduate

By Lee Parker - Managing Director, Parker Sourcing Limited

Freshly qualified graduates are labelled – a lot of the time and quite unfairly so – as a group of loutish and work-shy slobs who would rather sit at home watching Jeremy Kyle than flourish in an exciting new career. I should know; in the past I’ve been tarred with the same brush as those few who give students and graduates alike, a bad name. But in reality, when it comes to hiring new recruits, an attitude similar to this could see you miss out on a potentially brilliant candidate and addition to your workplace.
So here I am, armed with three great reasons why you should invest in graduate youth when it comes to expanding your business.
Graduates Have Bags of Enthusiasm
They’re young, they’re ambitions and their dreams haven’t been squashed (yet). This all takes the form of raw energy in a graduate, which can be tapped into and utilised in all kinds of ways for your business. Whether that be integrating with other staff members, raising the morale of your team, learning new skills for the job or even just brightening the atmosphere up a little – it’s a great kind of energy to have in the office!
Granted, there can be times when too much energy can be a distraction, but it’s all about tapping into what’s there in abundance and controlling it.
Graduates are Like Chameleons
It’s actually a popular misconception that Chameleons can adapt to suit their surroundings, but the analogy will suffice for my point – that graduates are extremely flexible when it comes to a new environment.
They don’t bring with them any kind of baggage from past jobs, or draw comparisons from previous positions they’ve held. This makes them very easy to mould into your way of thinking when it comes to character development, so that they fit seamlessly into your setup.

Graduates Bring in New Ideas
Sometimes, a company can get so bogged down in its day-to-day routine, that there is neither time nor the room left for creativity to thrive. This is where graduates really prove themselves to be a popular asset among team-leaders.
A graduate is new to the business world. Their thought processes have not yet been restricted by business ‘best practises’ or ‘proven methodologies’. Their minds are essentially unshaped pools of new ideas and fresh outlooks. 

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