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Friday, 3 August 2012

Friday Guest Blog

By Cathy Craig - Director, Blue Hole Coaching and Consultancy

We are living in a fast-changing global economy and the UK needs to become a world leader in skills in order to keep up with these changes and ensure economic prosperity. As learners and the workforce of the future, young people are key to facilitating this change. They need to be resilient and have transferable skills. Enterprise Education is ideally positioned to equip them with these skills, helping them to be creative and innovative, to take risks and manage them, and do this with determination and drive.

What better place to start than primary age school children? This age group is keen to learn and often possess budding enterprise ideas with no particular outlet within the current national curriculum. There are many examples of entrepreneurs who started their career before high school. With this in mind and being the mother of two enterprising children and running my own consultancy business, I approached my local school to see if they would be interested in hosting an Enterprise Development Event for 8 – 11 year old groups.

Greenhill Primary in Bury has enjoyed an excellent well-deserved reputation for a number of years for supporting children in the development of their social skills as well as their academic needs. They are always keen to develop new ideas to engage the children and wholly welcomed the idea of an Enterprise Event for Y4 and Y5. It fit in well with their overall desire to develop enterprise skills through different initiatives.

Blue Hole Ltd is a business consultancy based in Bury with an interest in developing businesses and social groups to deliver successful outcomes. Together with the teaching staff, Blue Hole created an engaging one day event where pupils had to come up with an idea for a new phone app or console game and take it through the various business development stages; design, selecting a target market, creating a budget, creating marketing materials and finally presenting their idea to a panel of judges. The winning teams were selected on the strength of their original idea, the extent to which they explained their idea as a business model and how well they presented to the panel.

The event really captured the children’s imagination and created excitement which reached beyond the classroom. The event was so successful a repeat is already planned for the new school year.

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