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Friday, 22 June 2012

Friday Guest Blog

By Craig Dean - Chief Executive, Web Applications UK

I’m a technologist. I have an iPad and an iPhone, I have Android and Windows devices, I have an Xbox, a PS3, a Wii and even an AppleTV. It would be natural to think that I believe in technology as the solution to our woes. You would be very wrong. I believe in people.

When gadgets ‘do something clever’ it is because a genius told them to. Why worship the created when you can admire the creator? The only problem is that creators are distressingly in short supply. The reason for this is not a lack of desire or passion, according to the CRA the number of Computer Science graduates continues to rise. Young people still see I.T. as a rewarding career. The problem is our failure to inspire and develop the next generation to their true potential. Traditional training has flourished in industries which change little from year to year but it is wholly inappropriate for the world of I.T., where what you know today is out of date tomorrow. The concept of I.T. courses delivered by trainers is dated and unsuccessful, what developers are crying out for is I.T. courses delivered by developers not trainers.

Developers are too expensive to waste time on ineffective training, but something has to break the impasse. For that reason, we’re training our software engineers to train rather than trying to teach trainers to develop. It’s a revolutionary concept and requires some juggling, but it is vital to the future of our industry.

On the 29th June we’re opening the Centre of Excellence, an I.T. training facility where you won’t see any trainers. The professionals delivering the courses all work in industry – writing software all day – they’re taking a break to introduce you to an exciting new world. I hope you’ll join us.