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Friday, 1 June 2012

Friday Guest Blog

Bank Holiday Bonanza

Jenni Malley, Email Marketing Consultant at Extravision

Since I began working life at Extravision in 1997 I have always relished the prospect of Bank Holidays, with Easter being a particular favourite of mine.

But with Easter now a distant memory, there is the Queen’s Jubilee double Bank Holiday to enjoy.

But having discovered that school half term holidays have been organised so they are exactly the same week, it leaves me to wonder, will there be anyone at work next week.

You can imagine there will be some key people who just won't be around. Numbers of staff will dwindle as parents take time off for the school holidays and others will simply want to capitalise on getting five days off for the price of three.

Will all the offices and commuter routes in Manchester become ghost towns?

Based on what happened in 2011 with a similar extra bank holiday for the Royal Wedding, I can safely predict it’s going to be particularly quiet next week – but what can we do about it?

Plan around it. If you are looking to get a project off the ground, or promote an event around this time – be prepared to hear the phrase “I think we’ll just leave it to next week when everyone’s back”.

It’s not just a UK phenomenon either. An American client once told me that they notice this kind of effect towards the end of the year in the US. People begin winding down at Thanksgiving at the end of November and nothing picks up properly until the New Year.

Having said all that, when we're enjoying our four glorious (but probably rainy) days off, I don’t think we'll dwell too much on the disruption it's causing to our working life. There's one thing for certain for us Brits: B&Q will be busy!

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