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Thursday, 5 April 2012

Guest Blog

First Internet’s Creative Director, Graham Robinson, believes that Apps may well soon become a technology of the past, here he describes the benefits of responsive web design for Greater Manchester businesses.

“Mobile app” has been the buzz phrase in digital development ever since the arrival of the iphone; however a much more practical concept has now arrived on the scene.

The significant increase in the use of smart phones and tablets to view websites has made it essential for them to be compatible across all platforms.

For today’s time strapped business community, responsive web design is the answer. This new solution means that sites are built to adapt to whatever platform they are viewed on, whether that’s a tablet, smart phone or desktop.

For the techno savvy, responsive web design blends HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript to create fluid site designs that can expand, contract, rearrange or remove content based on the user’s screen size.

Knowing that this new technology is available, could be the key to saving money in the long run for Greater Manchester firms when developing their web presence, as they would only have to pay for a single site rather than multiple versions to suit different technology. Not only would they avoid the expense of designing multiple sites, they will also cut costs in marketing multiple sites via Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

Responsive web design also has significant SEO benefits. With responsive web design comes improved usability for your visitors, which will inevitably lead to a decrease in bounce rates and an increase in conversions.

Having one site as opposed to multiple sites also makes the search engine’s life a little easier. A search engine won’t have much interest in trying to figure out which sites should receive search enquiries on particular devices. It’s up to the site to redirect visitors to the right version of the site. SEO credits such as links and rankings will also be built up using one site and not split between several.

Of course mobile apps aren’t completely redundant as there will always be a need for a solution that can run offline which apps can do. However, responsive website design can provide you with a cost efficient, SEO friendly solution to enable your website to look its best for as many potential customers as possible.

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