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Friday, 26 August 2011

Guest Blog

Howard Hunter, Managing Director of Bakestone

'Lunch is for wimps' was the catchphrase of eighties ambition, but it's definitely breakfast that’s become the meal to miss as people plunge headfirst into another manic day.

As the owner of a bakery, part of my job is to keep aware of trends in how people eat to keep us ahead of the competition. What we’ve noticed is that the seismic shift from sitting down for a cooked breakfast to grabbing a slice of toast on the hoof has now moved to the stage where most professionals skip breakfast altogether and power through, gradually flagging until lunch time.

However, I’m sure you probably don't need telling this, as many of you will recognise exactly what I’m talking about (you know who you are!).

Whilst part of this is symptomatic of the fact that we simply have less time nowadays, I want to fight the cause of the British Breakfast and argue that it will actually make you more successful. Your mum didn’t call it the most important meal of the day for nothing!

It’s long been proved that eating breakfast will give you more energy and reduce hunger throughout the day. Who can forget the horror of the rumbling stomach in that important business meeting?

But there’s a more sinister impact in that having an empty stomach is linked to a dramatic loss in concentration, making those who miss their breakfast munch significantly less on the ball at work. Yes, your work performance could be suffering because of losing out on breakfast!

Not only that, but isn’t it a better way to start the working day sat eating a bowl of porridge, some hot buttered toast or a bacon buttie than legging it out to the train and braving out the hunger pangs till lunch?

So to summarise, breakfast makes business sense! Bring it back into your day and see how much more you achieve. I’ll even send a free loaf to anyone who emails me who pledges to give it a go.

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