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Friday, 17 June 2011

Friday Guest Blog

Andrea Wilson-Brown, Managing Director of BCH Digital discusses the benefits of hosted telecoms solutions and how the latest developments in telecoms, such as Pay-Tel are not only affordable for businesses of all sizes, but can put them on a level playing field with blue chip companies.

Hosted telecoms solutions have been around for a while, whilst the term ‘Cloud Technology’ is a relatively recent one they are essentially the same – web based solutions that offer economies of scale and allow for the latest technologies to be deployed instantly, without the need for investment in hardware and infrastructure.

We’ve worked with many blue-chip companies over the years, creating bespoke solutions such as customer service lines, surveys and charity donation lines amongst others. The benefits of hosted telecoms have long been known by such companies; adaptability, level of control, speed of set-up, ease of use, lack of heavy financial outlay and flexibility of service, but with the rise in ‘Cloud Technologies’ more and more businesses are becoming aware of the benefits of hosted telecoms.

Developments in hosted telecoms services, such as our recently launched Pay-Tel, give SME’s access to the same level of security, technology and quality of service, usually only affordable to large and blue-chip companies.

Pay-Tel is a hosted PCI compliant solution for taking payment over the phone. To combat credit and debit card fraud, the Payment Card Industry (set-up the by the likes of Visa and American Express) introduced a set of regulations to ensure the security and protection of private data when processing payments. These recently updated regulations are due to come into force in December this year, however meeting these regulations can prove costly if it means replacing or updating in-house infrastructure such as servers and hardware. Unfortunately not doing so can prove even more costly, with fines of up to £300, 000 and the untold damage to reputation should non-compliance lead to loss of private data or security breaches.

Pay-Tel is simple to set-up and use and rather than investing in new infrastructure, users can rely on the incredibly secure and reliable BCH servers to meet the PCI regulations, meaning businesses of all sizes now have an affordable solution to PCI compliance.

This is just one example of how hosted telecoms can help SME’s offer the same level of service as blue-chip companies, but whether it’s for sales, marketing or even debt collection, when it comes to the cloud and developing hosted telecoms solutions there are all sorts of possibilities.

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