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Thursday, 3 March 2011

Wolf Review

Commenting on the Wolf Review into vocational education, Chris Fletcher Deputy Chief Executive of Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce, said: “Time and again our members tell us that one of the key requirements when recruiting young people is for them to be ‘work-ready’. In other words they have a basic grasp of what is required, a good understanding of what the workplace actually is and, ideally, they have had some exposure to different areas of work so they move into a job that is attractive to them and can provide a true career experience.

“To back this up it is also a crucial element to have a range of qualifications that have currency within the job market and relevance to whatever career path young people choose. Businesses often say that many of their recruits are missing essential components that should have been included as part of their education.

“We are pleased today to see that a number of these concerns about education have been addressed as part of the review and we will pick these up as part of our ongoing work with employers to make sure that what is being proposed is fit for purpose and delivers what is required to keep the growth momentum going as well as giving young people access to all options for their future success in work.

“There is a misconception that recruitment of young people straight from school doesn’t happen anymore. Our most recent Quarterly Economic Survey showed that over the last 12 months of all those businesses recruiting young people under the age of 24, approximately 1/5 were 16-year-olds recruited straight from school. It is so important that the findings of the review are implemented urgently and effectively. It cannot be left until young people leave school for this to happen or, in the worst case possible, for the activity not to happen at all.”

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