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Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Chamber Reacts To Infrastructure Report

Responding to the Government report by Infrastructure UK that £3 billion could be saved on the costs of infrastructure projects, Dr Brian Sloan, Head of Business and Economic Policy at Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce, said “It is crucial that the Government takes action as a result of this report and reallocates these savings to other projects that can transform regional economies.

"The North of England is in urgent need of infrastructure improvements such as the Northern Hub rail project. Inadequate transport infrastructure in Greater Manchester is choking the economic development of not only the City Region but the entire North of England. Having identified this £3 billion of savings, the Government needs to make a commitment now to the Northern Hub project despite it being in the next control period for funding.
"This project is not simply about commuters, it is also about the movement of goods and services to and from the region. Committing to this project will give businesses the confidence to invest and help revive the fortunes of the region’s construction sector. The £550 million needed for this project has a benefit ratio of four times the investment, unheard of for a project of this kind, and less than the £600 million of savings identified from the Olympic Games alone."

For more information on the report click here

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