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Monday, 15 November 2010

Say YES to the Chamber’s QES

Quarter 4 of the Chamber’s Quarterly Economic Survey (QES) is now underway with the Chamber urging you, our members, to help us to represent the region and ensure that we get our voice heard.

But do you really know what happens to the results? Why is it considered one of the most influential surveys in the UK? And what impact will the results have on your business?

Well here are the answers to your questions!

The QES is a regular assessment of the economic situation in the Greater Manchester region. The results from our survey help us to identify local economic conditions, critical for putting your case to local and national government so that the right environment is created for you.

The results from our regional survey are fed into a national survey which is sent to key decision makers including the Bank of England, HM Treasury, Ministers and local MPs.
The survey is highly influential which is clearly shown by the fact that it is one of three surveys regularly reviewed by the Bank of England when setting monetary policy and is also credited in the Bank of England Inflation Report!

Why should you spend the next 3 minutes filling it in?

We need to know what is going on in the real economy and what challenges your business faces. Without a fair assessment of the conditions in our region we cannot influence Government policy. We urge you, to use this opportunity to give your opinion on the economic situation. We need to ensure that as many businesses in the Greater Manchester region fill it in to ensure that our area is represented when the Bank of England and key Government Ministers are making decisions that will impact on our area.

The survey is not technical and will only take a couple of minutes of your time.
If you would like to review the results from previous surveys then please click here

Finally if you want government to hear how economic conditions are affecting the productivity of your business then say YES to the QES and click here.

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