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Friday, 12 November 2010

Friday Guest Blog

By Sue Hamilton - Director of Modus, a Bolton-based foster care company working with children from across the region.

It’s amazing how many business people, at all levels, I speak to who have incredible jobs but still feel like they are missing out on something in their life.

Greater numbers than ever are coming forward to ask us about becoming foster carers, either as a short career break, or in addition to their regular day job.

The profile of the average foster carer has definitely changed in recent years. Once the domain of middle class empty-nesters, fostering now attracts people from all walks of life – and that includes business men and women who have succeeded in their chosen career, but want to give themselves a different type of exciting and rewarding challenge.

Fostering certainly isn’t an easy job, but it’s definitely satisfying. I think that’s the major appeal. Some people know that they can cope in a board room full of top level executives, but feel excited about the prospect of testing themselves when it comes to providing a stable, caring home for young people in desperate need of love.

Unfortunately, recent figures have shown a real crisis in the world of fostering, with the number of children and young people needing care far outweighing the number of foster parents available in the North West.

I started modus in 2002 as I had a passion that every child deserved a home, and I still firmly believe that today.

People who have worked in the world of business are often perfectly equipped with the skills needed to be employed as a great foster parent – patience, ability to juggle several priorities at once, people management, and even administration all come into play in a foster home.

The support package offered means it really is a viable option for people wanting a break from the day to day world of business, but the ultimate reward is to take on such a challenge, and see the real difference that it can make to the lives of children and young people.

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