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Friday, 1 October 2010

Friday Guest Blog

Keeping Media Savvy

Stephen Marsden, Partner at Townhouse Communications

Since rejoining Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce at the end of last year, I’ve discovered a very different animal to what I experienced in the 1990s as part of the old Macclesfield Chamber.

As then, getting value out of it – and not just added business and more contacts – is partly down to the time and effort you spend on attending events (which in and around Manchester could now warrant a full-time job if your company can spare you!).

Two reasons we rejoined the Chamber were to keep up to speed on practice and developments in business sectors generally, and to add to or refresh our knowledge and skills in areas which impact on our work in media, copywriting and PR.

Although most events are pay as you go, I want to really commend the excellently organised and free ‘Meet the media’ evening at the BBC on 23 September, with five of the region’s senior editors from TV, radio and press all on hand and unstinting in their preparedness to answer questions and offer advice.

My most regular event is the Stockport Breakfast Club, which I’m glad to say now regularly hosts presentations aimed at fostering the business awareness and skills I think many members are after.

So another word of congratulation. As one of the recent main speakers, I ended my presentation on effective marketing media by inviting attendees to get creative and devise a brand name and slogan for a fictional new acne treatment with some clearly defined qualities.

Each entrant received a short personal critique, and such was the range and quality that I ultimately awarded a bottle of bubbly to both James Russell of James Russell Photography for “Dr Spot” and Paul Wareham of Access Self Storage for “Clear acne hell with Acnegel”…Spot on, guys!

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