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Monday, 27 September 2010

Labour Party Conference Update

By Dr Brian Sloan, Head of Business and Economic Policy

The steps Labour will need to take to gain back the support of business was the topic of British Chambers of Commerce’s Lunchtime Fringe Event.

The Rt. Hon Pat McFadden kicked off the session by outlining the need for Labour to adopt a sensible approach towards its opposition to issues including cuts in government spending. He also highlighted the party’s strong support of enterprise whilst in government, particularly in relation to skills development to support wealth creation.

Continued pressure to encourage increased bank lending, sensible questioning of planned spending cuts and continued investment in skills were all highlighted as key areas that the opposition should continue to press the new coalition government for to ensure the best possible conditions for businesses.

Keep an eye on our blog for a review of tonight’s joint event with the Greater Manchester Integrated Transport Authority and remember you find out about all of activity at the Party conferences at


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