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Friday, 24 September 2010

Friday Guest Blog

Nick Kettles, Marketing Director, CTI (The Coaches Training Institute), UK

In any position, whether managerial or a supportive role, it's not always easy to be authentic and say it as it is. Indeed, often the response to interpersonal conflict, whether caused by a clash over short-term goals, workplace values, or the status of employee relationships, is to ignore it until it’s too late.

However, viewed from the perspective of a company’s productivity, the elimination of communication barriers can help develop greater trust and the discretionary effort such relationships foster.

A common misconception of the value of Coaching in this area is that it’s just another tool for marshalling employees to toe the line. Used this way, coaching might achieve short term peace, but the opportunity for conflict to be a catalyst for change will be lost.

Facing up to what needs to be said, is just part of the equation. Unlocking new perspectives which might transform difficult situations, requires a shift not just in what we say, but how we see ourselves and others as well. By offering an orientation towards others which celebrates and embraces the natural creativity and resourcefulness in each individual, the Co-Active ® coaching model elevates conversations beyond simply defending our actions, or wanting to be the one who is right.

Consider the difference in a conversation, when our assumption about the other is not that they are limited, but instead hungry to learn, grow and become more effective as a human being?

As long as both parties are willing to take responsibility for their part in any misunderstanding, there then exists the potential for being curious about what the other really values in each situation. Even if we find we don’t share their values in quite the same way, giving them permission to share what they care about, without fear of being judged, creates the spaciousness in which common ground can be identified and an expanded resolution can arise.

It’s true that the art of having powerful conversations is not always mastered overnight, and yet even a simple shift in perspective like this can make a big difference in the way employees and employers relate to one another. When the alternative is the status quo, it behoves us to find the right relationship tools which realize the human potential of all our employees.

CTI offer coach training courses for executives, managers and new career seekers, in Manchester and London, throughout the year. For their forthcoming two and a half day Introduction to Co-Active Coaching at Salford Quays, Manchester, Nov 5-7, CTI UK is offering the course at 50 per cent off when two book together.

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