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Friday, 10 September 2010

Friday Guest Blog

Malcolm Evans Founding Partner at corporate culture specialists The Cultureship Practice.

There’s a huge amount of talk going on about the emerging composition of Local Enterprise Partnerships (LEPs) – and it is right that there should be this level of interest.

There are huge regional disparities of wealth and economic development, the country as a whole is limping through challenging economic times, and we face endless global pressures on Britain’s core commercial viability and status.

Politicians of all hues generally agree that the State should direct energy and resources into stimulating and supporting enterprise, although some businesspeople (I’d count myself in this category) might see an over-optimism within all governments on the limits of what public sector intervention can ultimately achieve.

I am privileged to work in MMU’s Innospace incubator amongst numerous ambitious younger businesses.

From this perspective, I wish to see this manifesto put clearly to the fore:

1. Simple, transparent enterprise foundation grants, giving start-ups a real boost.
2. Everything possible done to see more funds getting through to enterprise, not being swallowed up in support agency staff and bureaucracy costs.
3. A removal of enterprise support duplication across multiple bodies.
4. A huge cull of inexperienced business advisor mentors and a vigorous effort to attract pro-bono mentoring support from experienced businesspeople.
5. Simple to access R&D funds.
6. Cheap incubator/expansion space.
7. Genuine academic/commercial collaboration.
8. Valuing business participation as highly, if not higher, than the support bureaucracy.
9. An extension and development of intern and apprenticeship incentives.
10. A major review on access to capital - a process advised also by savvy and experienced entrepreneurs, not just bankers and venture capitalists

The Cultureship Practice:

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