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Monday, 14 June 2010

Quarterly Economic Survey

The Power of Your Voice in Four Minutes

The Chamber’s Quarterly Economic Survey is nearing a close for quarter two. This is your final opportunity to let us know how your business is faring this quarter and send the right message to policy makers at the heart of Government and the Bank of England.

This is the most eagerly awaited survey of its kind and the reasons for this are clear, Greater Manchester is the engine room of the North West economy and outside of London is the most important economic centre in the country.

The QES results for the North West economy closely track the UK as a whole. We get this information ahead of official growth figures so the importance of your response to our work and understanding of the local economy cannot be understated. Your contribution allows us to speak with authority on your behalf. Please take three to four minuters to complete the survey anonymously online here

Many thanks! Results will be published 30th June.

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