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Friday, 11 June 2010

Friday Guest Blog

Is your business fit for the recovery? You might benefit from a no-cost ‘health check’

By Roger Longden – Leadership Performance Consultant and Coach, Volition Development

Many businesses are emerging battered and bruised from the adverse conditions of the past couple of years, eager to make the best of the better times that lie ahead.

With the economic recovery now beginning to gain real momentum, there has never been a more opportune time to take a good look at your business. Taking action now to find out what’s working well, as well as what isn’t, could be the best thing you do to ensure your long-term viability.

Survival has, for many, meant that difficult decisions have had to be taken. Reductions in staffing, halts in training and development activities, and delays to strategic initiatives are just some of the measures that firms have had to put in place.

However, these actions may have also significantly diminished firms’ abilities to respond adequately to the upturn in the economy. Not only do they not have the same capacity as they did pre-recession, but many of the processes, structures, policies and systems currently in place are in desperate need of review and overhaul. After an extensive period of cost reduction, a variety of activities such as leadership and talent development, change management, development and strategic reviews are now long overdue for most companies.

Failure to properly prepare for recovery now could mean that you are unable to deliver at the required level of quality. Damage your reputation and seriously undermine your future growth prospects. So, what can you do to ensure you emerge primed and ready to reap the rewards of the forthcoming recovery?

Volition Performance is pleased to be now working in partnership with the leading consultancy, coaching and training provider in the region, Watt Works Consulting Ltd. Watt Works Consulting helps individuals and organisations achieve sustainable improvements in performance. Their MD, David Kerr, suggests that there has never been a better time to undertake a proper review of your organisation.

In partnership, Volition Performance and Watt Works offer a portfolio of proven value-added services such as: strategy definition, change management, executive and team coaching, facilitation, leadership development, management training, innovation, branding and project management.

To offer new clients the opportunity to sample their services portfolio, Volition Performance and Watt Works are pleased to launch their ‘Organisational Health Check’ service. This service brings together many of our offerings together in a unique package that sees us undertaking a thorough review of where our clients are. We explore areas such as organisational structure and processes, information flows, how they make sense of their environments, and assess their ability to create coherent and effective strategies moving forward. Then, we help them put together a plan of activities so they can really make the most of the opportunities ahead. We’re also providing this free of charge to Chamber members, in the event the health-check leads to further consultancy, training or coaching with us.

In the same way that you’d want to get a clean bill of health before running a marathon, the Health Check service offered by Volition Performance and Watt Works could allow you to step back and get a fresh view on your organisation. Getting a handle on what’s working and what isn’t could be critical to success.

Performance improvement isn’t just about ensuring that there are measurement and reward systems in place to ensure you get the best out of people - it’s about ensuring your organisation is working effectively, efficiently and coherently to achieve its long term aims.

Ultimately, you need to create a culture as well as a set of capabilities and competencies that allow you to continuously improve, learn and grow, whilst being able to consistently meet and exceed your customers’ expectations. We’re here to help you do that.

This could be the perfect time to check that you’re adequately prepared for the next stage of your development. What are you waiting for?

For more details on the’ “Organisational Health Check” service (that may be provided free of charge to Chamber members) see, email or call 01565 759893 for a no-obligation discussion.

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