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Friday, 14 May 2010

Friday Guest Blog - Carbon Reduction: A Growing Priority

By Dr Emma Gardner, Chair of Greater Manchester Chamber’s Carbon Reduction Group.

“For many of us, the realisation that we need to take action to reduce our carbon footprint has been steadily growing over the past few years. Whether this has been influenced by the media coverage, infiltrating our subconscious, or through a more deliberate study of our carbon emissions, the need for companies to tackle this issue has now become much more pressing and a growing priority for many.

With this in mind, the Chamber has established its own Carbon Reduction Group. There are a number of member companies who are directly involved in carbon reduction services and it was felt that a platform was needed in order to promote their expertise and resources to other organisations across Greater Manchester to develop their market offering. In order to establish what skills and services are provided by the Chamber’s members, a survey has been launched, which will draw together information on the organisations involved in this field, both in Greater Manchester and now incorporating Chambers across the North West.

Greater Manchester is now positioning itself as a low carbon economy. One of the aims of the Carbon Reduction Group will be to ensure that local firms will be able to compete and benefit from emerging opportunities. We hope to establish and share ‘best practice’ and enable joint working between members’ organisations of all sizes with the relevant expertise in this initiative.

The Manchester Independent Economic Review has identified Greater Manchester as having a “first mover advantage”, positioning us at the forefront of the global environmental industry. We want to act on this now and establish Greater Manchester as an international centre of expertise in carbon reduction. We know that the Chamber’s members have the skills to deliver this vision and capture and disseminate new information and technologies in the field.

Joining me in the Carbon Reduction Group are representatives from across Greater Manchester’s business community. Together we will be co-ordinating the activities of our members, and working to reduce the carbon emissions of companies in our region.”

Businesses involved in the carbon reduction field can find the survey on the Chamber’s website: