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Friday, 7 May 2010

Election Reaction

Angie Robinson, Chief Executive of Greater Manchester Chamber, said: “As widely predicted the General Election has resulted in a hung parliament. The uncertainty surrounding the future of government policy in the UK has been a concern for businesses across the region and that uncertainty looks set to continue as the horse trading between the parties begins.

“The country needs a clear and decisive government to take the tough policy decisions facing us and this is a matter of urgency. All three parties have been unclear on the exact details of their manifestos and so this situation needs to be resolved as quickly as possible to ensure that our economic recovery is nurtured and protected.

"As we are still in the infancy of the recovery, businesses need confidence to invest and create much needed jobs. When the new government is formed the Chamber would like to see a number of detailed policy announcements made that incentivise business investment, boost our exports to help growth and protect investment in critical infrastructure projects and skills that will enable the UK to remain internationally competitive.

“The Chamber looks forward to continuing its relationship with all three parties and to putting forward the policies and arguments for a business led recovery. During the first 90 days after an election, the incoming government must make concrete proposals to reduce legislative and tax burdens on business, review how to move the economy away from an over reliance on consumption and the public sector, and commit to improving Britain’s energy, transport and digital infrastructure.”

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