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Thursday, 6 May 2010

The BIG Election Question Results

By Brian Sloan

Last week we asked our business members who they will be voting for at this year’s General Election. The results are as follow-

Conservatives 72 %
Liberal Democrats 16 %
Labour 11 %

The business community in Greater Manchester has spoken, we will find out how accurate this reflection is of the actual election results very soon..

And They’re Off!

This is it, the polling stations are open and people all over the country are casting their votes. Greater Manchester will be one of those key areas that the media’s attention will focus on as an indication of whether Gordon Brown will emerge victorious after a gruelling campaign; was it really only four weeks? Will David Cameron triumph and return the Conservatives to power after 14 years in opposition? Or will those floating voters, still undecided at the last minute, tick that Lib Dem box and complete Nick Clegg’s meteoric rise from “the other guy” then “King maker”, to Prime Minister?

In all honesty it looks likely that it will be less than clear when the votes are finally counted. Polls continue to suggest that a hung parliament will be the most likely result and whatever that is on Friday morning, Gordon Brown will retain the keys to number 10 for just a while longer. In the event of a hung parliament the horse trading will begin, concessions will be made and a coalition government will be formed.

After a campaign that has had it all, TV debates, the economy, national insurance, immigration, the health service, that volcano in Iceland and evidence of the existence of black holes, no clear winner has emerged and the detail upon which to make a voting decision has been lacking. Greater Manchester Chamber stands ready to meet with any government to put forward the arguments for creating the right environment for businesses in the region to prosper. When businesses invest they create jobs and wealth, so above all we need the confidence in a clear and credible plan to address the deficit.

Current poll of polls indicate that the Conservative party will receive 35 per cent of the vote, Labour - 28 per cent, Liberal Democrats - 27 per cent and other parties 10 per cent. This translates into 278 seats for Conservative, 263 for Labour, 80 for Liberal Democrats and 29 seats for other parties.

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