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Monday, 10 May 2010

And the Uncertainty Continues…

After waking up on Friday to a hung parliament, the nation has been treated to a weekend of media hype and speculation over who will be the next Prime Minister. Whatever the outcome of the current discussions between the party leaders, the uncertainty is set to continue beyond the outcome of those deliberations.
Whilst a Conservative/Lib Dem pact may lead to agreement on some policies, it will inevitably struggle with others and a Lab/Lib Dem pact simply doesn’t add up to a majority. This uncertainty and delay is not good for business, it is damaging confidence and businesses are simply unable to plan for the future.

If we are heading for another election in the not too distant future, the outlook isn’t good for the new government that emerges in the next few days – tough decisions need to be made and a clear and credible plan to address the deficit announced soon, but how would the electorate respond in round two?

We’d like to hear your opinions on the current situation and what would be the best outcome? We have six tick box questions for you on the following survey. Election Poll