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Friday, 30 April 2010

Election Update

And so the debates are over!

The final installment of the ‘debate trilogy’ was held last night, following much hype surrounding the controversial topic for discussion...the economy. We were expecting the debate to produce some clarity on what the potential future government will do once in power, however what we expected was not necessarily what we received. The three leaders averted the important questions, and instead spent most of the time criticising each other's proposals...basically acting like typical politicians.

Polls following the debate have put Cameron as the winner with Clegg closely behind. Brown came out with the lowest percentage of the vote, a disappointing result considering this debate concerned issues that Brown, as Ex-Chancellor of the Exchequer, should be well-accustomed to.

The clear issue of concern was how to tackle the deficit. Brown faced attack from Cameron over his party’s planned National Insurance Contribution rises, and retaliated by drawing attention to the Conservative plans of cutting Child Tax Credits as well as cutting the Inheritance Tax. Clegg, positioned in the middle, took advantage of the bickering and tried to show how voting for the Liberal Democrats would offer an alternative and fairer choice.

In reference to industry and manufacturing, the Liberal Democrats reiterated their plans to get the banks lending and to invest in green infrastructure. Gordon Brown spoke of his party’s plans to create 400,000 jobs in low-carbon industries, and emphasised his plans to retain the Regional Development Agencies. Cameron spoke of his party’s plans to invest in innovation, creating scientists and entrepreneurs of the future, and also mentioned plans to create 200,000 apprenticeships should the May 6th result fall in favour of the Conservatives.

All in all, last night's debate could be mistaken for a repeat of one the earlier debates. Nothing new was released and the party leaders just sought to defend themselves in a last-ditch attempt to secure votes.

Now that the Leaders’ Debates have finished, we would like to know what your voting intentions are. Take part in our Big Election Question this week.

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