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Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Election Update

Back To The Election, Almost – Now It’s Volcanogate!

by Sana Nabi

Simon Calder suggested we were about to enter Volcanogate – and sure as night follows day the ban on flights across UK airspace has become a political football. Whilst the party leaders try to score points we remain focused on the key issues that will impact on the nation for the next five years. Yesterday the Chamber played host to two very important events; a private meeting between Chamber members and Shadow Business Secretary Ken Clarke, and a Question Time event at Manchester Business School with representatives from the main parties, academia and business fielding questions from the audience.

Ken Clarke spoke to members for almost an hour, explaining that in his experience when emerging from a recession business taxes are a “no-no”. Angie Robinson, Chief Executive of Greater Manchester Chamber, said: “This was a unique opportunity for business leaders to question the Shadow Business Secretary face to face. Having served in both the Thatcher and Major governments, he was able to speak with great authority on the economic issues of the last 30 years, as well as giving a hint of how he would act if he becomes Business Secretary.”
At Manchester Business School the Question Time event was well attended. The candidates held the party line, Jackie Pearcey, the Liberal Democrat candidate for Bolton West and clearly struggling with the effects of a viral infection of the throat, making frequent reference to her copy of the Liberal Democrat’s manifesto. Size matters by all accounts and Jackie was keen to suggest that not only did the manifesto have the length, but also the content. Phil Woolas, the Labour candidate for Oldham East and Saddleworth, suggested there is a need for radical change, and has a vision of Britain as a worldly responsible meritocracy.
Sajjad Karim the MEP for the North West represented the Conservative party and gave a European feel to the evening.
Professor Mike Luger, Dean of Manchester Business School joined the panellists along with Scott Fletcher, a business owner and board member at FC United of Manchester.

National Insurance Contributions continues to be an issue for businesses and it is frequently highlighted by our members.

We have devised a simple spreadsheet where you can compare the main parties’ policies on Employer’s National Insurance Contributions. This will help you to determine an estimate of the cost impact on your business.

This is a guide only and will not reflect individual circumstances or changes to the policies if implemented.

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