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Friday, 16 April 2010

Election Update

By Dr Brian Sloan

16 April 2010 - Black Holes and Other Theories

The Institute for Fiscal Studies has demonstrated that black holes really do exist. In fact, there are three of them here on earth itself, each the size of £30bn in the main parties' manifestos, thus making the future of public sector spending cuts and tax rises under any future government increasingly uncertain.

We need to probe deeper than the Voyager space craft for the answers to the parties' plans that are yet to be announced. Conservative Shadow Business Secretary Kenneth Clarke is visiting Chamber members at a Manchester city centre venue on Tuesday 20th April at 2pm. To register for this event, which is free of charge, please contact for full details and to submit your question beforehand.

A week after we looked at the Poll of Polls and saw the possibility of a hung Parliament, the same Poll of Polls shows no movement in voter intentions this week. The Conservative party lead with 38 percent of the vote, Labour trail with 31 percent and the Liberal Democrats are on 20 percent. However last night we saw the first of the three Prime Ministers’ Debates with the leaders battling out their policies, desperate to capture the public vote. According to post-debate polls, Nick Clegg, the leader of the Liberal Democrats, won an unexpected victory, with him gaining the most public support. If his success in the debate affects voting polls, the prospect of a hung parliament is going to be significantly more likely.

Will the public vote on party policies or is a more ‘presidential’ style going to affect votes where personality comes into play? The decision of who is going to form the next government has just got a bit more difficult. With two more debates to go, anything can happen. Regardless of which party comes into power, we need to ensure that the future government has business matters at the heart of their strategy.

The Big Election Question

So last week we asked our business members to inform us on, “Which party they felt was best for business?”
We thank you for your responses and the results are:

Labour - 57%
Conservative - 36%
Liberal Democrats - 7%

Next week we are asking our members a question on the controversial issue of taxation.

Find this question on the Election Page of our website:

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