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Friday, 26 March 2010

Friday Guest Blog: Alistair Marshall – Director, Alistair Marshall Consulting

Officially we are told we are no longer in recession, but many people are yet to feel the benefit of this growth. Alistair Marshall suggests how to speed the process up:

“So that’s it then. We no longer need to worry. The pundits say the recession is over. Well from talking to my clients, no one is expecting a quick recovery. As we are an impatient lot here at AMC, we thought it might be a good idea to throw a few ideas around to see if we can speed the process up!

First of all, don’t allow yourself to fall into the victim culture of ‘there is nothing I can do, it’s all down to the economy’. This is simply not true. There are dozens of things you can be doing on a daily basis, at next to no cost to drive your business forward:

Be positive, people want to buy from enthusiasts not manic depressives.

If people are not ready to buy today, prepare a list of potential clients for the future and start regularly communicating your expertise in your given field on a regular basis. You must ensure you are ‘front of mind’ on the day they decide to purchase in the future. Send them newsletters, blog updates, interesting articles etc.

Make compelling offers. Explain why they should not just choose you, but choose you now. Make an offer they can’t refuse and change it each month.

The next tip is to make sure you can be found. The first place they look is the web so is your site on that first Google page? What can you do to help yourself get found by the Search Engines? Have you considered testing a Pay Per Click campaign?

Whatever you do, do something today, this week, not next month. Don’t let fear lead to paralysis. Keep doing the things that will generate new leads, i.e.: marketing.”

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