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Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Cyber and Information Security Breakfast Briefing

Friday 26 March 2010 (08:30am - 11.30am)

Cyber attacks and E-crime have shot right back to the heart of the news agenda in 2010, with Google's rift with China, and this month's discussions around a UK Strategic Defence Review.

Now experts including our Military Chiefs warn that the era of sustained homeland cyber crime and terror battles has begun. What can your organisation do to lower your vulnerability? And what should your staff be on guard for?

To end Business Continuity Week, this event brings together some of the country's best placed speakers to outline the UK Cyber threat, government approaches, and practical counter-measures for employers to take back to the office.

Topics include:
- Government strategy
- Commercial espionage and data vulnerabilities
- E-crime and organised crime a corporate perspective
- E-crime and organised crime a police perspectives and support

*Given each presentation's content and speaker backgrounds, Cyber and Information Security Briefing is strictly in accordance with Chatham House rules.

Booking details below.


Richard Bingley, Author 'Terrorism: 'Just the Facts'

Former security journalist and head of two political media units with Tony Blair's government (2002-06), Richard will outline: Governmental approach to Cyber terrorism and Cyber Crime; US post 9/11 and international comparisons; cyber attacks case studies; breaches and lessons learned for protecting high-profile assets and information.

Jason Hart, CEO of CRYPTOCard Europe

- How E-crime affects business
- A hacker's perspective
- Vulnerabilities around web stored information
- Case studies of cyber attacks against the businesses
- Overseas examples

As a former ethical hacker with seventeen years experience in the Information Security industry, Jason has used his knowledge and expertise to create technologies that ensure organisations stay one step ahead of the security game. Jason continues to raise the profile of Information Security risks and solutions, including the introduction of the term CSO (Chef Security Officer) within business and is seen as leading figure within the Information Security Industry Globally.
Jason has published articles and white papers and has appeared on BBC, ITV, CNN, and CNBC as well as Radio 5 and BBC World News. His expertise has been cited in Time, SC, InfoSec, Computing and Computer Weekly magazines and in the FT, Guardian, Times and Evening Standard.

John Julian, Ian Johnson Associates (IJA)

- Types and origins of most likely threats
- Corporate espionage between businesses
- Case studies of two major industrial countries
- Corporate espionage and simplicity of approaches with case studies
- Legal avenues and support
- Lessons on facilitating mitigation but retaining innovation

John Julian is senior consultant for Ian Johnson Associates (IJA). Both John and IJA personnel possess a long public service record in UK government helping to protect our international commercial interests in domestic and overseas settings.

Andrea Barnard, e-crime police manager for the Welsh Assembly Government

- How police and public sector can support employers through preventing crime
- Case studies of e-crime against business
- What businesses should be doing to mitigate cyber attacks and
- Available guidance to help managers confront and tackle e-crime
- Response mechanisms to inappropriate / illegal online material

Andrea Barnard is the e-crime police manager for the European Union backed e-crime Wales partnership. E-crime Wales (e-Drosedd Cymru) has been acknowledged by business security leaders across the world including Microsoft as being a leading supporter and innovator around preventing e-crime against businesses and employers.

- Danny Dresner, National Computing Centre

Daniel Dresner is head of information assurance practice at The National Computing Centre. Daniel advises NCC members on security, risk, quality, and IT governance issues, often working from NCC's own templates. His experience includes central government, construction, housing, and the financial sector. His research with the University of Manchester - where he is a visiting lecturer in IT Governance and Computer Security - has lead to a method for detecting the human vulnerabilities in network security and a unique approach to security awareness. Daniel chairs the England North Branch of the Institute of Information Security Professionals.


Booking Form:

MBCF Member Rate: £35 plus vat

Non Member Rate: £49 plus vat

Duration: 08:30am - 11:30am (Breakfast refreshments provided)

Venue Details: Friends Meeting House, 6 Mount Street, MANCHESTER, M2 5NS


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