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Wednesday, 10 February 2010

News Update: Providing a Voice for the Care Sector

Over 100 representatives from the adult health and social care sector attended the launch of the Greater Manchester Care Sector Council at the Reebok Stadium in Bolton on Friday, to ensure their views are heard on issues affecting the sector.

The attendees were welcomed by the Chair of the Care Sector Council, Salford care home owner, Tony Belvedere, and many were given the opportunity to voice their opinions and pose their questions to keynote speaker, Sue Lightup, Strategic Director for Community, Health and Social Care at Salford City Council.

As part of the Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce, the Care Sector Council is able to lobby on behalf of its members and ensure that their views are heard by the decision makers and key groups and individuals responsible for the strategic development of the sector. For its members, the Care Sector Council will also provide support, advice and influence, and oversee the services provided by the Chamber.

Richard Guy, Chief Executive of the Manchester Solutions Group, said:

“The Care Sector Council welcomes large and small organisations, including residential nursing homes and domiciliary care providers. It will discuss every issue that affects the sector, from image and funding, to training and recruitment. By providing professional policy support, the Care Sector Council will be able to raise the profile of adult social care service providers across Greater Manchester. The Care Sector Council will be of huge benefit to its members, and this in turn will directly impact those in the care of service providers.

“The consensus amongst members who attended the launch was that a Council for their sector was long overdue. In isolation, each organisation has little power or ability to make their voice heard, however, together they have a stronger voice with more clarity and clout.”

Greater Manchester Care Sector Council meetings will enable representatives from each area to access and share information and ideas, and decide on strategies to influence future developments within the sector.

For more information on the Greater Manchester Care Sector Council and to find out how to get involved, visit:

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