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Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Unemployment figures fall or remain unchanged across Greater Manchester

By Samantha Barker, Policy Manager for Employment and Skills

Unemployment across Greater Manchester has fallen or remained unchanged according to figures released today.

The total number of people claiming Jobseekers' Allowance last month was 80,745 compared 81,249 the month before.

Unemployment fell in December in Manchester, Stockport and Trafford, and stayed the same in the remaining Greater Manchester boroughs.

Samantha Barker, Policy Manager for Employment and Skills at Greater Manchester Chamber, said: "Today's news will cause many people across Greater Manchester to breathe a sigh a relief as unemployment appears to have levelled off. Areas such as Trafford and Stockport, with concentrations of highly skilled residents, have actually seen a drop in unemployment this month, suggesting that some of the white collar professions that were hard-hit during 2008/9 are gradually re-recruiting. Manchester too has seen a drop, highlighting that the city's economic hub may once again be coming into bloom.

"Although a positive result, people still need to be mindful that this month's figures reflect the climate in December and not January. Next month's figures may see a shedding of seasonal jobs which may have masked the true situation."

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