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Friday, 22 January 2010

Friday Guest Blog: What Makes an Entrepreneur?

Imran Hakim, CEO - Hakim Group

"The overall perception of entrepreneurs has been transformed over the recent past galvanised by the hysteria around the ‘global economic crisis’. Historically, entrepreneurs have been seen as somewhat risky and rebellious: think Delboy and his harebrained schemes, the Merchant of Venice agreeing loan terms secured against a pound of his flesh, or Gordon “Greed is Good” Gekko.

However, the first real recession of the digital age has truly reformed opinion, with the masses now waking up to the realisation that it is entrepreneurship that gives rise to the majority of the nations innovation, employment, tax revenues and ultimately wealth. The great thing about enterprise is that anybody can participate regardless of creed, colour or socioeconomic background. You simply need the desire, commitment and state of mind to make great things happen.

Entrepreneurs in my experience tend to be optimists who see the opportunity in every challenge rather than the difficulties and as we kick off in 2010 the entrepreneurial landscape is littered with opportunity.

History demonstrates that recessionary times heighten the demand for change and challenge existing business models. This often gives birth to world beating businesses adopting new ways of tackling the same old problems. This time, climate change, the convergence of technology and the internationalisation of every business in every industry through the internet are the hot topics, and will be the backdrop to an explosion of entrepreneurial activity.

The thing about great entrepreneurs that makes them successful is that when everyone around them are risk averse they see the obvious for being obvious before it becomes obvious to the masses and they take action.

Now is the time to take action. That’s why I have become involved in RAW2010, which will bring together the North West’s finest and most inspirational business leaders to drive change, forge relationships and spark the ideas that will change the regional, national and global economies. The process has already begun, and the future looks brighter than ever."

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