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Wednesday, 18 November 2009

A few thoughts on today's Queen's Speech

by Chris Fletcher, Deputy Chief Exec.

The Queen's speech sets the legislative agenda for the year ahead. A few thoughts on some of today's announcements:

Businesses will welcome the plans to clamp down on bonuses for bankers who take too many risks. There needs to be more focus on lending to sound businesses and less on the so-called roulette side of the banking system.

The funding for universal broadband by 2012 is also welcome as the UK needs faster broadband speeds if we are to compete in the global economy in the years ahead. However it must be at an adequate speed for the needs of business not only now but in the future.

It was also good to hear support for high-speed rail, as improvements to the rail infrastructure are vital for future prosperity.

However as we are only months away from a General Election, the Government doesn’t have much time to get all of its legislative programme through.

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