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Thursday, 17 September 2009

Top 10 Tips: To improve health and safety culture

Is Health and Safety ‘a pain in the backside?’
by David Hall, Global Training Providers

I appreciate that safety is often seen as onerous, burdensome and considered a 'pain in the backside.' A task that needs to be done, but in reality a task that is always at the bottom of a very long list of things to do. However, good safety management can add value to your business, save you money, prevent prosecution and win you new clients.

Below are ten top tips that can help improve health and safety culture:

1. Always lead from the top: there is nothing worse for an employee to see their boss giving out safety instructions and not working to them. This promotes a culture of 'do as I say not as I do.'

2. Set standards not rules: safety rules can be broken. It is in our mentality to bend rules. It is more difficult to break standards, set achievable standards and work to them.

3. Think of safety as value added: turn that necessity into a positive statement such as 'think safety' or 'safety first.'

4. Continual improvement: refer to tip 3 set objectives and standards and get everyone involved. A good place to start improving is housekeeping; a place for everything, everything in its place.

5. Stay legal: the law is there for a reason, it may be a pain in the backside but do you really want to be prosecuted? Stick within the law and it will protect you.

6. Think risk assessment: what is risk assessment apart from the use of common sense? Unfortunately some of us are not blessed with this. Look at the hazards, likelihood of accident and consequence. If it looks dodgy it probably is! Put control measures in and remember to write it down!

7. Investigate all accidents: unfortunately we live in a claims world; we hear it all the time “have you had an accident in the last three years then call ….....” and even minor accidents can be claimed against. You can protect you and your business by conducting a thorough formal investigation but by doing so you can find out what the real causation of the accident was and prevent it from reoccurring and help to prevent workplace hazards

8. Good documentation can win you business: paperwork, the health & safety officer’s dream! Another pain in the backside to business however by presenting good safety arrangements backed up with relevant paperwork will win you new customers and help answer those awkward pre qualifying (supplier) questionnaires. The HSE love to see it.

9. Communication is the key: just by talking to each other helps to prevent accidents, remember good signage also gets the message across and education in the way of training.

10. Responsibilities: make people responsible for health and safety from directors to the shop floor, we all have a duty of care to each other and ourselves.

Apply these tips and you are onto a the ladder of promoting and demonstrating and applying positive Health and Safety into your working environment, which ultimately saves lives, serious injury and long term cost saving for your business which has to take the pain out of the backside...!

GTP/Global Training Providers will say that a successful business has happier employees. Caring for your workforce by having their Occupational Health and Safety as a business interest, will make the working environment not only safer but healthier. Employees will assist you the "Employer" in the prevention and detection of potential hazards and risks thus minimising causation of accidents... GTP will help and guide you to acheive the employers dream. Please view the website

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